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Prof. Portinaro is willing to offer his medical advice to foreign and overseas patients and to people that can not easily reach his offices in Italy.

Professional Medical Advice Service
If you wish to get Prof. Portinaro’s doctor Expert Medical Opinion you can request a review of your child medical history, diagnosis, and treatments.

You can write an e-mail to Prof. Portinaro as suggested below.
The more information you provide, the more detailed could be professor’s advice.

The cost of the service is €97 (including VAT)

It is possible to pay via bank transfer of Paypal. Right after receiving your e-mail, we will send you the invoice with all the information to make the payment. Once we get the payment, Prof. Portinaro will review your case and answer to your questions.

Professional Medical Advice service

Tell Prof. Portinaro about your child medical history and he will give you his Expert Medical Opinion in a short time.
The more information you provide, the more detailed could be professor’s advice.

    Parent's Detail

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    Patient's Detail

    Associated conditions

    Please tell us about any other relevant medical condition such as diabetes, neurological disorders, congenital, familiar ...

    Symptoms and Disease

    In this section you may tell us about patient's disease, symptoms, and medical history, for example:
    - Which parts of the body are involved?
    - When did symptoms start?
    - Is there any pain associated?

    Diagnosis and Tests

    If you have already taken tests and physical examinations, please send us all the information in this section


    Please tell us if the patient has already received treatments and about their results

    Your Question

    Please explain if there are any specific aspects of disease, treatments, and diagnosis you would like to have Prof. Portinario's opinion on


    The advice provided through the Professional Medical Advice Service is given on the basis of the information supplied by patients via e-mail. The opinion is based on the best standard medical practice and can offer a first overview of patient clinical status but it doesn't have the value of a medical consultation.
    The consultation via e-mail is partial and can not replace a conventional office appointment with Prof. Portinaro where he can talk, see and give a full clinical examination to the patient.

    Please choose the form of payment you prefer