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Professor Nicola Portinaro’s Professional Medical Advice Service (“Service”) is provided on this Site as a resource for consultative medical advice and treatment recommendations for patients with orthopedic and neuro orthopedic conditions and disorders. Because this Service is accessible via our web site your use of this Site constitutes your agreement to the terms and conditions described below. We strongly suggest that you carefully read the following terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at Professor Portinaro discretion. It is your responsibility to review them regularly as you will be held to any changes made to the terms and conditions up to the day you submit a request for Professional Medical Advice Service.

Stored Information and Security

We will learn certain information about you and your child if you use  Professional Medical Advice Service from Prof. Portinaro. All data collected on our web site is protected from unauthorized access. Personal information is encrypted using SSL (secure sockets layer) technology.

Do not send sensitive information over the internet if you are not satisfied with the level of security offered. You assume the risk of any undesirable disclosure or unauthorized intrusion resulting from such security breach. You also assume the risk of any interruption or failure of data while using services provided by this website. Professor Portinaro regards all medical records and information as confidential and takes appropriate internal safeguards to protect your confidential information.

Personally Provided Information

If you choose to provide us with personal information via email or postal mail/courier, or by filling out a form and submitting it through our website, we use that information to respond to your request and to help us provide you with information or material that you request. We do not give, share, sell, or transfer any personal information to a third party unless required by law.


Use of this Site is also governed by our privacy policy, available at this link: Privacy & Cookie Policy  

Intellectual Property

The content on this Site as well as their selection and arrangement, are protected by copyright, trademark, patent, and/or other intellectual property laws, and any unauthorized use of the content at this Site may violate such laws and these Terms. Except as expressly provided herein, Professor Portinaro does not grant any express or implied rights to use the content. You agree not to copy, republish, frame, download, transmit, modify, distribute or create derivative works based on the Site, its content, or its selection and arrangement, except as expressly authorized by Professor Portinaro.

Professional Medical Advice Service

The service provided through the Professional Medical Advice Service is different from the diagnostic services typically provided by a physician. It is a remote diagnostic consultation and second opinion.

Professor Portinaro will not have the benefit of information that would be obtained by examining you or child in person and observing your physical condition. There are important aspects of the practice of medicine that sometimes require a physician to personally examine and observe the condition of the patient.

Therefore, the physician may not be aware of facts or information that would affect his or her opinion of your diagnosis. Remote observation is limited by the nature and amount of information you will provide to Professor Portinaro through the service. Because this is a limitation on the accuracy of his opinion, and this is a risk to you,

you acknowledge that you understand the limitations of the remote diagnostic and treatment options provided. We suggest you to share the recommendations provided by our Service with your local physician.

By deciding to engage this service, you acknowledge and agree that you are aware of this limitation and agree to assume the risk of this limitation.

Your participation in this program will be considered an indication of acceptance of:

  • The diagnosis you will receive is limited and provisional;
  • Professor Portinaro’s opinion received through our Service is not intended to replace a full medical evaluation or a face-to-face visit with a physician;
  • Professor Portinaro does not have the same amount or type of information that can be gained through an in-person physical examination, and that this information may be important to the services provided.
  • Due to the remote procedures the absence of a physical examination may affect Professor Portinaro ability to diagnose your condition, disease or injury.

If you engage in the service provided by this website you agree that you assume the risk of these limitations, and you understand that no warranty or guarantee has been made to you regarding the success of your treatment or the results of the service provided by Professor Portinaro’s Professional Medical Advice Service.

Credit Transactions

The website accept payment with Paypal or bank transfer. The Service will not be fulfilled until full payment has been received and/or verified.

No Warranties

Professor Portinaro makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, regarding the use or functionality of this site or the products and/or services provided herein. The content contained in this site is provided “as is” and “with all faults” and. to the fullest extent permissible by applicable law, Professor Portinaro disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purposes, title and/or infringement.

Limitation Of Liability

In no event, including without limitation, negligence, shall professor Portinaro, its subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, officers, directors, employees, partners, or suppliers be liable to you or any third party for any special, punitive, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages of any kind, or any damages whatsoever, including, without limitation, those resulting from loss of use, data, or profits, whether or not Professor Portinaro has been advised of the possibility of such damages, and on any theory of liability, arising out of on in connection with the use of or inability to use this Site its content, or services, the statements or actions of any third party on or through the Site, any dealings with vendors or other third parties, any unauthorized access to or alteration of your transmissions or data, any information that is sent or received or not sent or received, any failure to store or loss of data, files, or other content, any services available through the Site that are delayed or interrupted, or any Site referenced or linked to or from this Site

State Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Italy without regard to its conflicts of laws rules. Any dispute shall be brought in the courts of Milan, Italy.