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Prof Portinaro at the 2023 Orthopedic Congress in Torino

Surgery and Rehabilitation of the Spastic Lower Limb in Pediatric Patients

During the Pediatric Orthopedic Meeting in Turin on April 28 and 29, 2023, Professor Portinaro, with his assistant Dr Giulia Beltrame, held a lecture on

Surgical Timing & Techniques
In case of progressive hip displacement

Prof Portinaro first explained the different surgical techniques he adopts depending on when the surgery is performed:

  • Late surgery to solve the problem
  • Early surgery adopting a preventive strategy 


The professor referred to several existing scientific articles in the literature and then presented his unique technique to approach progressive hip displacement, described in a scientific pubblication.

The technique is called Temporal medial hemiepiphysiodesis of the proxymal femur

Thanks to this approach is it possible to:

  • Prevent / decrease hip subluxation
  • Decrease neck-shaft angle
  • Protect the acetabulum
  • Gain a probable decrease in anteversion
  • Achieve a maintenance of the Greater Trocanter growth
  • Get a favourable gluteal lever arm
  • Obtain Psoas & adductors progressive shortening  

Since 2019, Professor Portinaro has operated 28 patients (56 hips) (4-11 years old) with 

  • Different GMFCS levels
  • Bilateral condition
  • Various Radiological evaluations

As a result of his surgery, all radiographic measurements were significantly improved at the final follow-up and positive correlations were found between Neck Shaft Angles, Migration Percentage, and Acetabular Index

The only complications encountered were:

  • Cartilage overgrowth requiring second screw positioning (14%)
  • Progressive hip luxation & need of major surgeries (5%)

Overall, considering the timing of surgery between 4-9 years old, this minimally invasive surgical treatment allowed:

  • Immediate weight bearing 
  • Low rate of complications
  • Preservation of the GT residual growth
  • Good biomechanical results
  • Radiological improvement in NSA, AI, MP

For more information on this research, you can get in touch with prof Portinaro.

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