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Outpatient Surgery For Pediatric Orthopedic Patients at Humanitas Research Hospital

Outpatient surgery at Humanitas Research Hospital
An innovative process designed by Prof. Portinaro and his team to be exported all over the world

At Humanitas Research Hospital most pediatric orthopedics surgeries can be performed under Day Surgery with the possibility of an “Overnight Stay”. This is an innovative approach to treat pediatric orthopedic patients and it offers significant benefits.
It is a much more efficient and targeted method compared to the conventional system with ordinary hospitalizations lasting several days.

For more complex surgeries that require a longer hospital stay, Humanitas has a special ward with an appropriate environment for children.
This phase is always attended by highly specialized paramedical personnel for the postoperative care and by the anesthesiologists involved in pain therapy. Before surgery, all the routine examinations and tests (X-rays, MRI, …) are performed through a preferential path and analyzed by a multidisciplinary team (anesthetist, orthopedic, physiotherapist).

This process is called “Fast track” because it allows performing all the preoperative activities in just over 3 hours.
During the process, the family and the child are assisted by a nurse specialized in pain management that offers also a psychological support to the family.

Managing pediatric patients in this way is more intensive but very short-lived.
This solution offers numerous advantages:

  • For patients:
    Hospitalization is limited to the strict minimum and takes place in an environment designed specifically for pediatric patients.
    This help to relieve stress and discomfort, making the hospitalization experience almost pleasant or at least acceptable.
    It also decreases the chance of getting infections that could greatly extend the hospitalization time.
  • For the family:
    The engagement of the family is minimized. Even when an overnight stay is needed, one of the parents can stay with the child all the time.

A physiotherapist with a specific pediatric background follows all the children undergoing surgery. According to surgeons recommendations, she will explain parents the rehabilitation programs.

When necessary, it also possible to benefit from a postoperative period of in-patients intensive rehabilitation.

This process has been developed by Prof. Portinaro and his team at Humanitas Research Hospital and it is particularly designed for pediatric patients affected by neuromotor diseases.