Nicola Portinaro Congresso SISAV

Prof. Nicola Portinaro Special Guest Lecturer at the VI SISAV National Congress in Italy

Prof. Nicola Portinaro at the VI SISAV Vascular Malformations Congress in Italy

Prof. Nicola Portinaro took part as a Special Guest Lecturer in the VI SISAV Vascular Malformations  Congress talking about Leg Length Discrepancy (LLD) correction in patients with vascular malformations.

In the lecture he explained the possible causes of LLD, hypometria and hypermetria, in pediatric patients suffering from congenital vascular disorders or other syndromes such as Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber, Parker Weber, Sturge Weber, Proteus.

Professor Portinaro focused on the methods of physical examination and on the Leg Length Discrepancy prediction algorithms, whose purpose is to establish the timing of surgical treatment.
He then presented the different types of treatment (acute shortening or lengthening, or gradual lengthening) depending on the degree of discrepancy and bone maturity.

During the meeting Prof. Portinaro explained the Temporary hemiepiphysiodesis with eight-Plates technique, which is a surgery that aims to temporarily stop the growth of the longest limb.
He also presented the results of several clinical cases that he successfully treated with this technique, which has the advantage of being minimally invasive and very adaptable.

In conclusion, he underlined the fundamental importance of timing in these cases, both in the pre-operative phase, to predict potential growth spikes, and in follow-up with close clinical monitoring and x-ray examinations.

For further information please contact prof. Portinaro or ask online his Professional Medical Advice.