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Hip Dysplasia baby: video on my YouTube Channel

27 Mar 2019 Video

Hip Dysplasia baby: new video on Prof. Portinaro’s YouTube Channel

We’ve just uploaded a new video where Prof. Portinaro talks about symptoms, treatment, surgery in babies affected by Hip Dysplasia.

Please take a look and feel free to post your comments, questions and doubts.

Prof. Portinaro is one of the of the most qualified surgeons in the world for hip diseases and treatments, including hip reconstruction.
He has personally performed more than 150.000 ultrasounds on newborn babies and treated non surgically and surgically more than 5000 hips with all different techniques required.

Here is a brief summary:

00:07 What is Hip Dysplasia
01:15 Hip Dysplasia diagnosis and symptoms
02:03 Hip Dysplasia ultrasound screening and treatment
02:56 Prof. Portinaro’s experience and advice

For more information you can take a look at this page on my website about Hip Dysplasia baby.

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